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More Keyboarding Websites

Attention Students

Remember to receive permission from a trusted adult before using the Internet.

Attention Parents

Adult supervision is recommended when children are using the Internet.

Typing Club



To Get Started with typing Club

NMUSD Typing Club logo

Go to the NMUSD Typing Club website

Username:  6-digit Student ID
Password:   District Generated

Same username and password used at school.

WPM Goals

Grade 3 - 25 WPM

Grade 4 - 30 WPM

Grade 5 - 35 WPM

Grade 6 - 40 WPM

All grades - 85% Accuracy

Lesson Requirements

You must receive a minimum of three stars or a green checkmark to move onto the next lesson!

Home Row Keys

Keyboard with fingers on home row keys

Proper Finger Placement

Shows proper finger placement on a computer keyboard

Remember to always use proper finger placement!