Ends March 30, 2018! Turn In Your Used Alkaline Batteries and Win Money for California Elementary - Battery Recycling Contest

Battery Recycling Flyer
1st Place: $1,000

2nd Place:  $600

3rd Place: $400

4th+ Places: $300


Acceptable battery types include:

N (LR1)     AAAA     AAA     AA     C     D     9 Volt

*9 volt batteries must have taped terminals or be kept in plastic bags (1 per bag) to prevent fire hazards.


Last year, California Elementary came in 4th place and won $300.
This year let's set our eyes on the First Place prize of $1,000.
We will also have a fun prize for the top two classes that collect the most batteries.

Please bring in your old alkaline batteries to your classroom to be collected and recycled. 

Posted by: Jennifer Glenn Published:3/29/18
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